D is for genetics

  I loved the first picture  I saw of that double Helix.  I spent hours trying to figure out how it worked!  We didn’t actually do science, as such, at primary school! Later I would get as frustrated with the Rubik cube.

When I first heard how genetics worked I was awed into at least a three minute silence.  Exciting or what?  I would read all that came my way – well all which  was written in a manner I could understand.  Years later in middle life when they began to map out our sequence I thought that genetics must be the most interesting branch of science to be in.  Now, I think it might be the most difficult, as what we can do comes up against what we ought to/not do.  Too much power – too many possibilities yet.. . . yet. .

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Helix is from the Latin – from the Greek

Chiefly for architecture = spiral ornament, object of coiled form around an axis – like a corkscrew

For Geometry = a three dimensional curve on a notional conical or cylindrical surface which becomes a straight line when unrolled onto a plane.

So straight forward naming – that is the beauty of Latin – double because it is double!

But DNA is life and for that word we go back to basic Old English, Old Norse, Old Saxon all have lif

Life = condition, quality, fact of being a living organism

A condition of power, activity, happiness

Energy, livliness, animation, vivacity, spirit

The dictionary can give many more variations on this theme.

We have many expressions using the word life as could be guessed by its importance to us and the length of time it is been part of English.  Pages of them some are just a few and you will know many more.

a matter of life and death

anything for a quiet life

a double life

everlasting life

for the life of me

frighten the life (out of one)

get a life

larger than life

have the time of ones life

secret life

take ones life into one own hands

life style

life belt

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