Bring on the memories:alberta’s week

ROW80LogocopyI have had a couple of life threatening scares in the past 4 years.  Makes one sit back and contemplate the insecurity of life.  Don’t get me wrong I have no intention of going, I want to be poking my nose into things when I’m 120 years old:) However.

Back in 1999 when encased in plaster I began to trace my family tree with a lot of help from my friend from forever/editor, who is so good at the detective work needed.  With the aid of an enormous volume of family papers (have I mentioned lately I come from a long line of pack rats?) she managed to get us back hundreds of years and one line to the gunpowder plot!

What made this more exciting is the wealth of written stuff – letters, journals etc I had inherited.  My ancestors really liked to write and record.  Then I somehow managed to be conned into running a Living History Group for our local U3A.  While my group was proceeding through our childhood, I had the idea this maybe would be a good thing to leave behind me.  It is has never been corrected or edited but my childhood is chronolicgaly written.  My sister’s, as well, hers is in Braille.

Nothing further was done as I discovered blog and novel writing in the meantime.  After the fears of last year I took myself to task; it was time to get that life in order.  The chorological account could remain as it is, but something more interesting, more creative, appealed.  Re-reading some of my blogs I realised quite a lot of my life was tied up in them, especially in the A-Z blogs.  Maybe I . . . anyway I have added memoirs to my goals this year.

To this end I signed up for a workshop with savvy authors and, almost immediately,  as if it was destined to my time to do this, I had letter from an Adult Ed college I hadn’t heard from for a couple of years, advertising a creative memoir writing workshop.  Being held in a town 30 mins drive from here, over the course of 6 weeks :) Both these workshops begin mid February so this next two weeks  I will be collecting all that I have done previously, in preparation, read them through and begin to take notes of the where, what and why of them.  As it is a month of memories I will endeavour also to edit that chronological account.  Neither one of these future works are intended for public consumption but I will get them printed with Lulu – a properly bound book will not be thrown away so easily when I’m gone!  Bring on the memories:)

ROW80 : This week I have managed:

The Ancestor’s Tale:   5749 words mostly on the section of the fight with despair and faith.  It was slowish but it had been blocked with lack of confidence for so long am really pleased I have finally been able to write it. Maybe another couple of thousand for that part and tis done – yay!

Blogs:  My word count goes up if the blogs are considered 2000 more on those –I am not known for short blogs I’m afraid:(  I did a piece on spice at Christmas and another on a new author I have fallen for, Blake Charlton.

The 7th    blog , in a series, an Oldie’s take on Indie authorship went up on the Indie Exchange this week. Another 1000 on that.

I have another two drafted, for next week, so if I’m good today and finish them off I’ll be ready for another non-writing week.

Workshop: Have managed another 750 words on two flash fictions I have been working on for savvy’s workshop of same name.

Networking: Am managing to keep up, except I keep forgetting the ones I only do occasionally, like IAN and Goodreads. Maybe I had better schedule them for non writing weeks.

Reading:   Not so many books, but I have read two indies on my reader – right outside my normal genre and comfort zone! which was an interesting experience.  Am still contemplating what I thought and will report back.  Maybe on the Wednesday post.

All in all not a bad week.

Next week:  It is a non writing week because I have a lace making, a craft and a reading group on.  However, on non writing weeks life is still writing orientated. I hope to research, collect stuff together for memoir courses(see above).  Keep up networking – more time for that.  Let imagination wander freely and see what occurs:)

Hope everyone’s week was good and this coming week will be also.

7 thoughts on “Bring on the memories:alberta’s week

  1. Beth Camp says:

    As always, when I visit your blog, Alberta, I come away inspired. What a helpful idea to have writing and non-writing weeks. I too am drawn to genealogy but my current commitment keeps me from writing anything. And I have no papers, letters or journals to help along the way, just half-remembered stories and (luckily) lots of photos. So yes, I’ll add this onto the list for ROW80. Thank you for letting me into the secret of your balance between crafty friends and writing. Congrats on pushing through the difficult writing this week. Best, Beth

    • alberta says:

      I am lucky with all the paper work and the pack rat tendencies of ancestors – but our life is important to the future so – never too early or late to begin one’s own paper trial:) I did find I was neglecting the craft side of my life _was enjoying writing so much but craft is important to me – many I have had to abandon due to ageing eyesight and fingers but I enjoy the creating still.

      All the best:)

  2. Eden says:

    As you can probably imagine from prior discussions/comments we’ve had with each other, I love hearing stories from people’s pasts. It’s so very exciting to hear you’re doing yours (even if it’s not for public consumption, as you say, a proper bound book is…well, there).

    I never realized that you did non-writing weeks (I’m sure I read about them before, but somehow they did not register). It’s a great idea. Sometimes the pressure of getting that word count in is actually stifling…. A good solution you have developed.

    • alberta says:

      well the blogs are out there in public but reading a whole book of posts I dont reckon would appeal! – It’s a passion of mine wanting people to record their lives or even parts of them – for those still to come and if like me there are no immediate those to come then for the archives – where people like us ferret away learning about our pasts.

      I began my non writing weeks this year – I do have a great many groups I belong to or run and they tend to gather within a few days of each other – After my health problems last year I found I was struggling to attend to them and write creativly because I was sooooo exhausted – I thought this would enable me to have lots of cake and eat it all – greedy moi! It has worked so far – and I have found my reading perks up on those weeks so my reading challnges will leap ahead in the non writing weeks – a plan – coming together- magic:)

  3. kellicallahan933 says:

    Great job on pushing through the part of your book that was giving you troubles. You sound like you keep yourself very busy with a lot of interesting things! Keep it up!

  4. violafury says:

    I truly enjoy your blog and your writing style. I’m so glad you got through the tough part of your book. I had a hard scene about my mom, once. I understand. It was freeing.

    You use language the way a musician uses notes and I love that. Of course, the comparison would be inevitable, I pretty much use musical comparisons for everything. I hope the mean old snow stays away long enough for you to enjoy your workshops and tatting? Is that what they call lace-making? Whatever, you are so creative. My house looks like a bobcat den. I managed to get some pretty pictures a friend sent for my birthday framed. That’s the extent of my “creative.” Thanks for your lovely writing!

  5. Wow, you are into all sorts of things – and keeping up remarkably well! Congrats on getting through the tough scene in your one book. Your genealogy work sounds fascinating!

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