Ancestor’s Tale is dismantled:( Ah well.


Heigh ho, the sun cometh, the sun goeth – that’s our crazy weather; one day sleeveless and gasping for air, the next, three layers + socks and shivering – ‘tis a crazy mixed year – again:)

Well, although it could have been traumatic, this last week has been strangely peaceful. A big thank you, to all of you for suggestions and support as to how I can get out of my painted corner. I sat for a while contemplating the crash of my plans and my options, then with an agile leap I landed over the paint to dry land.  Yay heigh for moi.

  *I have dismantled the whole of The Ancestor’s Tale,  kit and caboodle, picked, prised and wrenched apart:( 

*As I am a person who can not stand waste I have picked out, dusted and polished the best and

*I have mind mapped endlessly and created a whole new structure

*Mapped out new plot lines

*Thought of a new archival way of presenting this sparkling new part of The Sefuty Chronicles

*New working title The Children’s Tale

*The Ancestor’s Tale has been broken into

a) short stories to be part of The Companion Tales (the intended 6th and last) and

b) references in The Children’s Tale

This took, as you can imagine, quite a few hours, and much unladylike muttering which would have had my mother spinning if she’d heard!

However it is done, I am pleased with the result and content. So that’s good. But it left me a trifle wrung out (it’s been over a year in the writing not easy to jettison)  so decided to take a break. 

I have been concentrating on memoirs and family history for the past few days.  I have had contact with a lady researching the same family- different branch and it has galvanised me to get up to date.  I had spent a lot of time on this research at the beg. of the century but gave up temporarily when I needed to concentrate on my mother’s failing health.  Then mine. Now I see I have not done anything since 2004!

Well, I then had to dismantle my room to recover all previous work (had got hidden behind my craft stash – oh I do have too much stuff) and wandered over to cyberspace to look see – my how this sparkling web has changed in nine years – family history sites are such fun nowadays -grim little programmes back when – and so much stuff available on the archival sites – I do love a good archive:) I have been like a child at Christmas:)

All the time I have been filling in dates, checking facts and organising ancient photos  my mind has been working on the finer details of the new structure and plot lines for Children’s Tale and now I end the week feeling confident I can run with it, no stumbles – fingers crossed.

Have spent a lot of time with fingers in earth always an inspiration – not anything heavy as sciatica is still hovering, but the garden is a great place to unwind and after last years neglect I am being surprised every day – the two small Wisteria have trebled in size, as has the Boston Ivy and two rogue honeysuckles (spread by birds maybe) have taken up residence in flower pots, along with a willow tree. I have finally got the veg plants out. Everything is so late this year.

ROW80 This Week:

All of the above! 

So far behind for JuNo am wondering if it is worth even trying; but still, even if 50,000 words are not forthcoming in the next two and half weeks, the pace of the challenge will keep me going.

 I did finish the Story a Day in May and have some exciting ideas/drafted stories to work on over the months.

 No Blogs this week have been away playing:)

Just kept up with triberr and sponsorship on ROW80

Only read one book this week (for book group next week) found it tedious.

Dipped into a couple of research books.

Next Week

Well – maybe amazing stuff like writing 25000 words for Juno ? Nah:) real world, real world. But I will begin The Children’s Tale

I must change the word counters, for The Children’s Tale and The Companion Tales.

Get some blogs written.

Catch up on social sites.

Catch up on reading challenges.

Try and finish this round with something accomplished:)

I hope everyone else’s week was good and all the best for the coming week:)


12 thoughts on “Ancestor’s Tale is dismantled:( Ah well.

  1. Eden says:

    So glad to hear that you’ve found your direction, Alberta… even if it did come with a little extra work and hair-pulling.

    You did know there are a bunch of JuNoWriMo rebels (one of our founders, Anna Howard) is one, so you’d be in great company) who are setting their own word counts…. You can always do that if these Dragon days don’t end up working for you.

    But beyond that… I think it’s actually really cool to have spent the time you did on the genealogy project. Yay for fun and new things!


    • alberta says:

      thanks:) – it’s the silver lining thingy – if one can step back – allow time – then so much that seemed like disaster becomes good. The new story feels like the right story now – which increasingly the old one wasn’t – JuNo I think is lost although I have managed 11000 since the weekend. I am not rushing this – I want it right after all the effort so will just write and see how I do, just using JuNo to keep me on track. Didn’t know there were a lot of rebels:) good to know Yay for rebellion

      • Eden says:

        It’s great when a “plan comes together”… ;-)

        Yep, yay for rebellion. I’m doing my own form of rebelling too. I’m editing while writing. It’s all good. The point is getting the story down.

        No rush or panic. The best part about a challenge like JuNoWriMo (or ROW80) is the community. But as you say… writers write. The rest is just balsa wood. :-D

  2. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Wow, your JuNo word count may be low, but when it comes to productivity, you have aced it Alberta. Good for you for doing what needs to be done – and finding some fun in life too. Have an excellent week.

    • alberta says:

      Ah I have cracked out the dragon again – so much faster than typing ( I sent it on holiday when my wrists stopped hurting for a bit as fingers need movement) but dictating has raised word count by 5000 today alone – maybe I can catch up – maybe . . . :)

      • Cate Russell-Cole says:

        Steady as she goes… I hope it works without frustration. Voice recognition seems tricky.

      • alberta says:

        For me I actualy get better copy – being a dyspraxic writer my first draft is full of misspellings, simple words because of sp. problems, missed words, missed puctuation – now I have trained the dragon the little red lines under words have mostly vanished, puctuation is better not good but better, no missed words – it just feels odd to be dictating stuff! it took time to train and we are not 100% there yet, dragon still has a tendency to dismiss my strange form of Engish and want to turn it into board meeting speak:)

        It is all in the training, and I never spend enough time on that – but yesterday, for the first time, it was actually going with me on ‘Ria’ (instead of rear) and Cort instead of (caught) thumbs up – it will totally get the Sefuty Chronicles just as I finish the final book:)

      • Cate Russell-Cole says:

        LOL I can’t imagine you doing board meeting speak. I’m glad it works so well for you. :-)

  3. Emily Witt says:

    It is always a bit sad when you have to break away from something you’ve been attached to, or take it in a whole new direction. But it sounds like you made awesome progress working out what needs to be done, so there’s that silver lining at least!

    I have to say, I love the idea of this series. I work in a museum/archive, so the idea of something written in that format very much appeals to me.

    • alberta says:

      I love the Archives – so full of people and events and little pockets of interest nestled away for the finding – better than pass the parcel anyday:)

  4. Good job, Alberta! I apologize for not getting back to you about my ideas–but it looks like you figured out a wonderful way out of the painted corner.

    I’d say you’ve gotten a lot accomplished this Round–it isn’t easy to dismantle something that took so long to write! I hope you have a lovely week, and enjoy your garden.

    • alberta says:

      It amazed me how laid back I could be – a few years ago I would have raged at having to admit a year misdirected – but it’s okay. I think if I had been feeling more the thing I might have realised it was wrong earlier but it looks like it is going to work:) thanks for concern.

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