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Tis the end. The last day of each round always seems to race up to the finish line, having dawdled for most of the race.  Probably because I usually only post on a Sunday so this mid week thingy catches me out. Ah well.

 At the beginning of this round I had scaled back my goals quite considerably bearing in mind a rather uncertain and fragile amount of energy.

I wanted to continue with The Ancestor’s Tale, which had been put aside last year because I was ill.  Was determined to bring it to print by the end of the year.  Was going to be finishing it and editing it during this round. I also thought I would begin to bring the first three to the fore before this the fourth came out

I needed to work on a couple more book trailers, and start thinking of book cover for The Ancestor’s Tale. I had entered A-Z challenge, the Story a Day and JuNoWrMo. Finally I thought I would finish editing Memoirs fix a title and cover. 

How did I do?

1)  The editing went well. But when I was three quarters of the way through this editing I realised the whole thing was a bust, see my post of painted corners. Unfortunately for the novel most of what had been edited was to be discarded for this vol of The Sefuty Chronicles, I have reworked and restructured what is what is to be The Children’s Tale. The novel is no where remotely ready.  So am not sure how realistic print this year is going to be.  Will see. NO

 2) I managed the A-Z challenge. YES

 3) Story a Day went well. As well as reworked fairy tales I wanted some for a companion book of short stories for The Sefuty Chronicles eventually.  Both were achieved. The jettisoned part from the old Ancestor’s Tale (the edited bit) will join the Companion Tales – the structure has to be changed to suit the book but that is tweaking rather than drastic re-write. YES

 4)  Finished editing memoirs YES

     Cover and title NO

 5)  Am half way through JuNoWrMo and after a very late start (because of the dismantling of the Ancestor’s Tale I have caught up and should slide in with 50000 words for The Children’s Tale by the end of the month.  YES

 6)  Spotlighting previous books: Ellen’s Tale was serialized on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights in and I am working on doing the same with The Storyteller’s Tale next round. So YES

  7) Book trailers and covers NO( but isn’t that lucky seeing as I have changed Ancestor’s to Children:)

 Content with the round, even if life appeared to go pear shape with WIP.

 A huge thank you to everyone for the help and support during the round, hope to see you all back here next round.


9 thoughts on “alberta’s content

  1. Hi honey :)

    I’ve nominated you for a blog award, but please don’t feel obligated to accept. If you do, you can find the info here…


  2. Beth Camp says:

    I am always amazed by how much work you get done. Even so, having clear goals as you do helps us move forward, even when the ground shifts beneath our feet. Re-visioning such major works AND making progress is a wonderful accomplishment, Alberta. May you have lots of stamina and enjoy every summer day ahead.

    • alberta says:

      I’ll tell you if I hadn’t joined ROW80 I doubt I would have acheived so much – not by nature a goal setter, not particully a group player either, was very dubious about joining but felt I needed some focus – been here since the beginning and goal setting and accountability apart, the friends and support have encouraged me to acheive what I wanted to do.

      Here’s hoping the summer will continue – not holding my breath but our farmers are desperate for a good harvest this year so I have every digit crossed. All the best:)

  3. Anna Stewart says:

    Sounds like you accomplished quite a lot! If I can manage a quarter of that next round I’ll be ecstatic! That said the story-a-day thing sounds interesting…was that something you did on your own or is that a group thing…would be curious to check it out. But I’m super-impressed by all you’ve done. :-)

    • alberta says:

      The story a day is an annual event Julie who runs it also gives daily prompts if you sign up for them – otherwise May is the month. It’s fun and some people actually do write a short story everyday I use it for getting the rough draft of a story written to be polished afterwards as I always seem to be working on a novel during May. This way when writing quietens down towards the end of the year I can concentrate on polishing them.

      As to what I do please remember I’m an oldie – retired with no children or husband needing my attention- so if I have the energy I can pack in the hours -also not too fussed with housework:)

  4. Pam Baddeley says:

    Obviously been a rollercoaster for you Alberta, but at least you have salvaged the situation and found a positive way forward. Good luck for the next round.

    • alberta says:

      Maybe the solution was always there in the subconcious but I was writing to hard to hear it – It all makes perfect sense now this way around – and the two different stories dont feel so constricted – just needed to sit back and listen to head for change:) see you in a week:)

  5. Leslie R. says:

    Sounds like you got quite a lot done! Wishing you a lovely rest of June – see you next round!

    • alberta says:

      Indeed you will – but don’t actually forsee much rest between now and then! except for not doing a weekly check in – while the old mojo works must keep going:)

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