Writer’s Quote Wednesday

writers-quote-wed-2015_thumb1 This quote is part of Silver Threading’s author’s quote series.  Authors who have helped inspire my writing. To write one must engage with the world around. Imagination is not the everything, imagination needs feeding with experience and observation Life is what feeds writers.

 This is a quote I have had trouble with. Sharing one’s book with another and knowing they may not have the same vision as oneself is hard. We feel precious about our creations. Of course we hope, when we publish, that others will read and enjoy them but. . but. . . but they are first and foremost ‘Ours’.

Aren’t they?

No they are not.

We write for ourselves to begin with, however, if the intention is to allow others to read those words,to offer our creation to the world then we have to relinquish our hold. Conrad was correct. We write the book, the reader then translates to what they want it to be.

I do so myself when I read.
My story.
My new world.
My new friends.

It is a hard lesson to learn when it’s your own writing up for grabs. Do they understand the characters or are they judging them with different perceptions? Is the point, the focus of the story, the same for them as for the writer?

Like sending children out into the world we can only hope we have prepared them enough to be appreciated by others:)

half a book

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Allison says:

    Interesting quote and reflection!

    When I teach writing, I always try to distinguish two types of writings for my students. There is their personal writing that never needs to get edited or evaluated. It’s for them. Then there is their shared writing. For it, they need to keep the audience in mind and know that everyone will have different reactions.

    On another note, a reason I like getting to read aloud my own stories is that I get to see audience reaction. Then I can tell when characters and scenes are connecting or when I have lost my readers.

    • alberta says:

      Maybe that is the problem – trying to keep those two parts of writing separated. However the joy when they get it is great – went to answer questions at reading group this week who had just read my first book and they although it had raised many questions (it was intended to) they so understood where I had been coming from. Nice feeling that the two haves that book tallied :)

  2. Silver Threading says:

    That is an excellent quote Alberta. I loved Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” which I had to read for my British Literature class a couple years ago. I believe the movie, Apocalypse Now, is based off his novel. We can only hope that the reader gets us as the author. Well done. Thank you for sharing. <3

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