I almost missed nano!

Well here some of us are into nano frenzy – why oh why do we feel we need to inflict this on ourselves – excitement:) oh yes and it is fun, fun, fun.  Mind, I almost missed it all.  A day late starting.  My wrists went at he same time as my dragon folded its wings and laid down on its sick bed – what is it about life that it feels it must constantly swipe your face with a wet fish – I do so get it life, don’t keep rubbing it in! – Anyway not only would dragon not work but it wouldn’t be removed either so that I could replace it – and e-mail messages across the pond make for a very leisurely correspondence.  I am still hopeful the poor beast will be made well again.

In the meantime as every bit of writing sent hot shoots of pain through those fragile wrists, it began to look as if I would have to give up on nano.  My head was clear and I wanted to write again for the first time in months – give up? never. I purchased a new dragon and loaded it onto a notebook I have – gave it some basic training and plunged into nano on Friday.  Basic training held the first day but it wasn’t enough, so had to hold my horses yesterday and give it some more intensive training which seems to have improved the young un’s performance a great deal.  I have caught up:) Karen gave some splendid advice on the inability for my dragon to get to grips with the more outlandish names (it is a fantasy after all:) so have substituted everyday objects for the names and will find and replace at the end – splendid personage our Karen is .

It is interesting to see the difference in writing styles personified in software.  Now, I do not like predictive text – will not use it at all on my phone, allow that on spell checker it can be useful in small doses but watching dragon in action trying to make sense of my style, of the genre of the different ways of connecting the language has been fascinating.  Dragon has obviously been programmed for business use. A slightly new spin on a word sends it into a frenzy of work trying to make it sound like a business meeting. It will backtrack to change words into something that may make more sense in a skyscraper of industry.  We have had words in the past over this.  This time I shall train it and train and train it until it will never send ‘a memo Miss Jones’! Train it until it can only speak Alberta speak.  Train it until a fascinating and peculiar choice and usage of words will bring a smile of delight to its dragon’s mouth:)

Have started on my rat poison (for life it seems if all ‘goes well’) Dad if you are watching I hope you are laughing like a drain.  I think I have mentioned before my father agitated, back in the 50s, to have it banned- he was against cruelty and deemed the rat poison cruel now his daughter is taking it every day! It makes me smile anyway:)

1)  So this week have begun a fantasy for nano. The working title is being changed to Menko – the name of my turquoise and cream monkey type narrator who is fast taking over the story! Vain, intelligent, opinionated and loyal, with a slightly superior air about him I have fallen for him in three days. I am hoping as I say to complete two novellas this month so have not abandoned my bacterial creation story but Menko was first out of my head when I sat down to begin.

2) Finished proof reading The Fiddling Feline – changed the back cover slightly and it is now ready to roll. Am spotlighted on Glynis Smy today so must get Fiddling Flea up onto smashwords and kindle quickly.

3) All that remains to be done with the trailer for The Fiddling Feline is to match the timing of music to picture show.  Much time spent with stopwatch!

4) No blogs this week however keep your eyes open this Thursday for a  Red Carpet guest post by Virginia Lori Jennings who is doing a book tour this month. She will be talking about the how’s and why’s of writing Science Fiction.

5) Kept up, just with networking.

6) Finished two books for reading groups – North and South by Mrs Gaskell and Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear. I probably couldn’t have found two such different books to read if I had actively researched it! But that is what I like so much about reading groups, the variety.

7) Have been given all clear by the doctors to begin to exercise again, within limits, so have concentrated on the walking this week, next week hope to introduce the step machine. Am so unfit now after so long it is pathetic to see me:(

Next week I hope to blog a couple of times, continue with nano and begin to add a bit to WIPs Blue Moon and Ancestor’s Tale, mustn’t neglect them especially while I feel so clear headed – strike while the old proverbial iron sizzles:) and finish the formatting for e-book The Fiddling Feline (half way through at moment)

Hope everyone’s week has been good and all the best to everyone for this coming week.

9 thoughts on “I almost missed nano!

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Best wishes with Nano and your other goals. Doing great! Glad you can start walking again.

  2. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Thinking of you and hoping the wrists and Dragon are behaving much better.

    • alberta says:

      Now young dragon has taken over my wrists are almost normal again- of course it helps that the weather hasn’t been good for gardening:) dragon and I are settling in for a roll on nano this year – shouldn’t have said that – something terrible will happen now:(

  3. I love your explanation of training the dragon! I hope you have him better trained very soon :)

  4. Glad to see you’re getting back into the swing of things, Alberta! Good luck with training Dragon, and getting caught up – you’re doing great!

    • alberta says:

      Young dragon is behaving so well through training or maybe I just have more patience – who knows – he will be a worthy sucessor of old dragon:)

  5. Kathy says:

    ” Constantly swipe your face with a wet fish.” That’s it exactly. I’m sorry about your wrists and the dragon. Best of luck with NaNo; I’m glad you decided to stay in the fray. I’m laughing like a drain at your post. too.

    • alberta says:

      Now I have the young dragon at my side the wrists have calmed down – it is doing things (all of which I enjoy doing such as sewing, writing gardening!) which makes it grumble and throw tantrums – enjoying nano so far – must say I like my new character very much:)

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