Alberta’s content with the first week


I had such a reading Fest this last week I feel positively invigorated and incredibly lazy;) My new timetable of work that I am trying out is, that one or two weeks in the month are ‘serious writing’ free, these are the weeks that I have a number of group meetings, to attend or hold at home, in the real world – I am not sufficiently recovered, I find, to attend to these and write as well. Writing takes a lot out of me especially those emotional scenes:)  So in these weeks in the between times between the groups I housework/garden, read, tidy files, sort out research etc.  I am hoping this way I can put in the word counts necessary for me to catch up on the 7 months missed last year without overdoing things and making myself ill again.

I am also insisting, to myself, that I sit down, with my feet up, every day for at least 4 hours, either to read, handicraft or stare at the wall/TV (not much I really want to watch on TV but have a stack of DVDs) I am endeavouring to break the daytime sleep patterns set up when I was ill. So first week accomplished.

1)   Reading Challenges

       In this last week I have read 6 new books toward my reading challenges – that is 11 this year – so that puts in a healthy position. This is one non-fiction and three fantasy, one historical and one book group book.

 2)   Ancestor’s Tale

      I have re-read the first 80,000 words of The Ancestor’s Tale which I have not looked at since May 2012.  To refresh memory and check that it is what I thought it is:)

     I  have mind mapped the whole new structure- complete with new scenes – of the Ancestor’s Tale. These were the new scenes imagined while I lay around last year! Because of them the structure has changed radically.  This has been laminated. (I find if I mind map books, characters, scenes, names etc and laminate each one I can hang them next to my desk and keep an eye on them.  I have tried various methods on the computer but this way seems to work best for me)

    I have researched and found most of the new names I need for characters in the book, and some family members where relevant.

     I have begun arranging some stops and tours for the first three in the series so that when (‘when’ not ‘if’, am being positive here:) The Ancestor’s Tale is ready to go at the end of the year maybe a few more folk will have read the preceding three.

3)   Others

      I have begun to gather material together for the A-Z challenge in April (I have done this challenge twice now and know I need to begin this early;)

      I have kept up with networking pretty well, have decided I will only network seriously 5-6 x week.

      I have arranged two Red Carpet Day this week – normally I would only have one but sometimes it will come out like that.  I have a few more planned also.

 Altogether considering these were in between a Lace, a Living History, a Readers and a Quizz group (I came third) plus visits to the vet (the retired guide dog is poorly with the beginnings of kidney failure) I am very pleased with my week (not a lot of housework!)

 Next week – fingers crossed- it is a writing week.  Ancestor’s Tale  word count, I hope, will go up and all those new bits will begin to take shape.  I also hope to write enough blogs to start to creep ahead , but have never been so good at that so not holding my breath. I will be doing two workshops one of which is flash fiction so hopefully I will start to build up a foundation of shorts.

 I hope everyone else had weeks they were happy with and all the best for this coming week.

13 thoughts on “Alberta’s content with the first week

  1. Lee McAulay says:

    Oh, another visual mapper. I tried to work out what was going awfully wrong in the middle of my last novel for over a week before I just sat down and drew out a map for everyone to follow.
    Character A goes to Location X at this time, everyone else goes to Location Y, they talk, then B and C go to A’s place and then the whole thing picks up again just sweet.
    But without the map, I was lost.
    Hope your ROW has got off to a good start!

    • alberta says:

      Yeah I am not that visual normally – prefer books to film/dvd – prefer radio to TV but when I discovered mind mapping for my writing it was a huge difference for me. I don’t have a colour printer so it’s not as colourful as I would like but works pretty well:) all the best:)

  2. Julie Glover says:

    Great kickoff for your ROW80 round. Hope you get some writing time next week too!

  3. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    You’re doing well Alberta. Keep forging ahead! Also, commiserations on the saga with Networked blogs. I deleted my account and it is still promoting my blog – when it was told not to. It is uncontrollable. *sigh* Not a lot I can do about it.

    Thank you for your visits to my check in and your encouragement. I value the friends I have made through ROW80. It really helps.


  4. Lena Corazon says:

    I love the idea of taking 4 hours each day to rest and recharge, Alberta. I have been trying to teach myself that I do not have to be on the computer and trying to work 24/7, so I may try to follow your example.

    Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      II find it really hard but even stubborn old women like me get the message eventually:) do try, I think I posted about how I couldn’t write the charged scenes – i checked with the doctor who agreed the body doesn’t know the difference between pretend stress and the real thing – so maybe all creative folk should learn to rest and recharge more:).

  5. Laura says:

    Great progress. It’s good you’re allowing yourself to rest. It’s important. x

    • alberta says:

      I can only do the resting if I give myself something to do – I cannot remember a time when I could just sit and do nothing for very long – but reading is good yes?

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