Pathetic excuses and isn’t it fun to be back:)


Nearly forgot the beginning of the round, the holiday was so short, I have a houseful of visitors, the A-Z started on the 1st and, and and. . . Pathetic excuses I know:(  how ever better now than not at all.

 As mentioned the A-Z challenge has begun and I shall be posting those on kiss a frog as always and linking to Goodreads.  This year I am exploring some of the thousands of books I have read in a long reading life. Some have stood the – ‘am I any good after this long time’  – test, quite well, others well maybe not :(

 Ellen’s Tale continues her weekly instalment journey over on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights In – I would be very flattered if any of you went over and read some of it:)

 I finished my NaNoEdMo as I begun it – in dispute with the powers that be who run it – the clue for me was in the title National Novel Editing Month – month, month, held in March – 31 days of so called spring not 30 days – so I dont get a badge because they closed it a day before I put my final figure up. Still it is only a badge and I know, I did over 50 hours editing in March- so there nano! A little tantrum just there:)

 Row 80: Goals for Round Two

 Nothing very exciting really.

 WIP: I continue with 1st edits of The Ancestor’s Tale – I have found a good many places where I need to either change or add. But overall am pleased with how it is coming along.

WIP: Memoirs, finish final editing and get into some order, find a title!

 Blogs: well of course the A-Z blogs. Would like to get a few others up but this may not be possible until May. Must be realistic.

 Reading: still reading old books for A-Z , have also to keep up with reading challenges, so after April will see how that goes.

 Networking: Keep up!

 Marketing: Preparing for autumn release of The Ancestor’s Tale – step up trailing the previous three in the series, book tours, blogs, Morgen Bailey is first stop, and Read2Review is also book spotlighting them over three months. Must sort out a plan and begin to look for likely sites.

 In May I would like to do the story a day challenge – was great fun last year and I surged ahead in my short story writing. This year I would like to begin The Companion Tales – a short story collection of the unsung characters and stories of The Sefuty Chronicles, which I hope to release after the series finishes. May will be a good time to at least draft them.

 In June (is that still this round?) there will be JuNoWrMo – not sure at this stage what I shall work on – JuNo allows us to write 50,000 of a started work so might be a good time to pull out Blue Moons or Menko and see whether they could be finished.

 Otherwise always working slowly on book trailers and covers.

 Maybe I have too much – and I do accept now that if health dips I won’t acheive a fraction of this but I have to have goals to motivate so will post these with the proviso that I will be realistic this year:( boring:)

 All the best everyone in this coming round.

2 thoughts on “Pathetic excuses and isn’t it fun to be back:)

  1. I bow to you for doing A to Z! I love the idea but just can never seem to keep up. And a story a day?! You do have many, many pots in the fire. Wishing you a fabulous round Alberta and may your health not trouble you, after all, you have too much to do :)

    • alberta says:

      I confess I have put most things on hold this month to do a-z – I drafted many before April 1st – I cannot seem to write short posts – maybe that’s my challenge for next years a-z! short story a day I did last year but not trying to complete and polish in one day – most are more like 1st drafts – I can polish during the year if they are worth polishing. I respond quite well to the discipline of ‘having to do’ each day – left to my own devices I tend to enjoy sitting in the sun and hoping things will happen by good fortune alone:)

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