Must rebel more often:)

ROW80LogocopyMany apologies for being late reporting in. Yesterday, I woke up fully intending to write three blogs, this included, and have another go at transferring stuff over to new machine. The sun was shining and all of a sudden I thought ‘blow that for a lark I am not playing this game to day!’ Instead I had a very pleasant walk in the county park with the sun beating a happy tune, then I snatched a great hour in the garden amongst the lavender, rosemary and sage bushes, they were in a dreadful need of haircuts. I now have a bag full of prunings and dead flowers to dry for next years kindling – result.

Loathe to wash away the delicious smell of herbs on my hands I settled down with a new book. Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch, I do enjoy his books. Not exactly new, I bought it the end of last year but the title fitted well into one of reading challenges for April, so has been sitting on the sidelines whisperings sweet nothings at me. Well it is April, in theory, even if weather systems are dithering. I read it all. No ‘I’ll finish it later after I have just. . . ‘ I sat and read it from cover to cover and then, only when, it was done did I rest from the mornings exertions, because of course a long walk and gardening battered me into sleep. Such a nice sleep though, still surrounded by scents of the garden – worry not I did wash my hands eventually!

Then of course there were things that needed doing, but in the spirit of the rebellious everywhere I still refused to do anything, preferring to sit and laugh at old repeat QIs. A throughly restful and enjoyable day of idleness.   

This morning I have organised an ‘expert’ to come and do the machine stuff for me. Not wasting anymore sunshine on a machine. Have done some pruning and written the two blogs needed from yesterday, put on a load of washing, sorted clean clothes and am just about to go out and help my sisters training and it is not even lunch time yet.

Must rebel more often:)

ROW80: This Week:

Ellen’s Tale wends its way Saturdays and Sundays over on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights In; Bix has returned, the consequences of their love affair and Ellen’s foolhardy actions bring recrimiations. Plans begin to be made for the future. With the future being an unknown, can the two lovers find their way? The 7th instalment is out, only 3 more to go.


I have been editing The Ancestor’s Tale. There was a huge gap I hadn’t noticed but obviously my subconscious imagination had, because when I paused for thought the answer rushed in like a flood – so that was good.

Have almost finished the Memoir and now just need to order and ask friend from forever/editor to check through it for me, and then the most difficult find a title.


A-Z okay; getting up onto cyberspace is difficult at moment, I am still up to date with A-Z but it is a lengthy enterprise with the connections having slowed way down, and the freezing.


Way down and with many apologies. I have managed sponsored visits and a few more, managed to keep up with triberr and that’s about it really.


I am using the lengthy log on times of old machine to read – saves me throwing said machine to the floor and trampling it to an end! So have managed to read three books this week. One e-book , one non fiction and one fiction so that aspect of the week was good.

Not much else to report really. Wasn’t a bad week not my best but not bad.Next week I hope to continue with editing. A-Z blogging continues. I will at the end of the week get ready for the short story a day challenge beginning 1st May. Sort out some subjects for blogs and decide which books to review – I must start on the challenge reads. I also need to tweak by blogsites a bit, update, edit, and maybe add something new – h’m, needs some thought:) but that last can wait until I have new machine up and racing

Hope everyone else had a good week and all the best for coming week.

7 thoughts on “Must rebel more often:)

  1. shanjeniah says:


    I read this and knew that it had been far too long since I’ve visited you. My ambition is to be your kind of old lady (although, honestly, you never strike me as old, just perfectly and irreverently seasoned!)

    It was so cool to get an A to Z comment from you – yours was the first “Blimey!” I’ve ever gotten. Tickled my American mind, it did!

    Your walk sound exquisitely lovely. The children and I (and the Corki-dog, too) have been walking a lot, too, around our also iffy spring weather. It’s good to feel like getting out and about, again, and, eventually, the going off and doing enriches my writing, too….

    I got a fair number of my A to Z posts finished early this year, and I had drafts of all of them. Much less intense than last year – so I decided to write 75000 words on novels this month, too! (Can’t let life get too dull!).

    I am so happy to know you. You just make my spirit light up!

  2. Leslie R. says:

    Sounds like a perfect day! Sometimes we just really need those kind to recharge the batteries. Best of luck with the machine and your goals for this week!

  3. denizb33 says:

    Oh that sounds absolutely wonderful. A walk in the ENGLISH countryside, followed by a good book… I’m coming to your house! It’s still very cold around here…

    • alberta says:

      better be quick then they are warning of another icy patch coming this weekend – one day it’s hot enough for sleevelesss the next the wind comes straight from Siberia – but it was a very lovely day:)

  4. Tia Bach says:

    Kudos to you for embracing the day! Sounds like you are still making great progress. A to Z can get a bit intense, but I’m always glad I did it. Hugs to you.

    Scrumptious Setting = S

    • alberta says:

      I really enjoy a-z but despite best intentions never have them all ready before the start – most were in draft form some finished but still it’s fun – next year tho’ must, must try and write short ones:)

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