of chimps,songs and winning

ROW80LogocopyHaving spent a great deal of time early this week sorting out summer clothes and putting away winter woollies we are now shivering in the cold again, this happened last year and never did get to wear the summer clothes. Please let there be some sunshine this summer. One day I will give up and just design an outfit based on the seven veils and wear it all year around:)

At the beginning of the week I was in the garden sweating my way through a grand tidy up – a years neglect has left a garden run on wild lines a total mess (wilderness has more order. I have at last enough energy to attempt a 40 min a day tidy up – for three days only then I am bushed for the next four.Results are obvious though – the upside of total mess is that results are obvious, like cleaning a really dirty window.

My monthly Living History Group was this week as I written anything fresh for it I resurrected memories of my trip to the Central Washington University and my time on the chimpanzee research programme, back in the 80s ah so long ago. I went there under Earthwatch. Good memories.

Thursday night went back to singing – the first time since just before Christmas. I only lasted half the session but I was back. It felt good but am badly out of lung condition and vocal chords are best not listened too after all this time:(

The following day went back to the monthly Quiz, also the first time since before Christmas and who was a jammy one? – moi – I won – what a great week of returning to normal. Prize was a voucher for the nursery where the quiz is held (not really a nursery, it’s mostly landscaping – but I need some coloured gravel or slate as mulch for my bigger pots of fruit trees, so will have fun next week deciding what colour:)

Have been catching up on my sisters sewing – when her sight completely vanished she found her knitting abilities plummeted – I’m not much of a knitter but I can crochet so adapted a crochet pattern of a jumper, made up of rectangles, to a cardigan for knitting – took a while to work out sizing but since its been done she has produced cardigans, jumpers, jackets, dressing gowns and bed jackets for us and friends – she can’t unfortunately sew them together – thats my job and its been backing up these last few months but this week I got started again. She’s knitting a couple of blankets at the moment for some friends.

On the sister front – a corner that has been giving her trouble (her and the dog) has finally been conquered this week and they are flying around the new route – Yay.

Despite the fact that, now at the end of the week, we are shivering again doesn’t detract from an excellent week on many fronts.

ROW80:This Week

Writing: Still editing The Ancestor’s Tale but despite the fact that I hate editing am growing more and more pleased with the results.

Ran the Memoirs back through quick edit as I was a little dissatisfied when I re-read them – found some spots that are weaker than others.Work def. needs to be put aside for a while after an edit to really see what its like.

Keeping up with ‘story a day’, they have all been fairly short short stories and def. drafts but have managed some for The Companion Tales as well as some new ones for Purple Turtles, well pleased.

Still trying to decide what to work on for JuNoWrMo – I think it ought to be Blue Moon, while research trips are still relatively fresh in mind, but oh I do so want to do more with Menko – got two weeks yet to decide.

I have been doing more research on genre’s and have narrowed The Sefuty Chronicles down to three possibles – will read a bit more around those.

Blogs: Managed one on my hunt for a genre and another I love my garden but. . .

Network: Just about,faffing about with that 2nd twitter account has slowed the triberr part of networking down.

Reading: read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters For the village book group and The Heart of the Dales by Gervais Phinn which is for the other book group (it was a re-read for me, and also a book which I didn’t enjoy much the first time and enjoyed even less this time around!)

Other books have been for research purposes, the trouble with The Ancestor’s Tale having stretched over two years instead of one is that the reading I did for it originally has dimmed a little in my mind so have had to refresh with re-reading as I edit – not in itself a problem it’s just that I wander down divers paths once I begin reading research type stuff:(

Have sorted out books I have read last few months, ready for review and comment – the pile is huge:)

Other: Am getting to grips with new machine – not really used to the way Windows 7 works and still not convinced I will like it- just old woman who’s had XP for so long:) I’ll get there. Sorted Yahoo and think I have worked out the problem with the two twitter accounts.

All in all a good week

Next week: more of the same.

I hope everyone else has had a good week and are smiling still:) does anyone know how I change the font on wordpress – it changes what I import in and then writes this in tiny writing:(


7 thoughts on “of chimps,songs and winning

  1. Eden says:

    I’m with Cate on that seven veils outfit. Given the cold weather, perhaps it’ll be the Seven Shawls?

    Speaking of the cold weather, given that we’re in a snow advisory tonight, I can totally relate to your pain. I had to pull in all my potted plants, and I’m praying that the newly bloomed crabapple will make it through the next few days.

    Good to hear you’ll be joining us for JuNoWriMo. Maybe we’ll even see you for some Twitter sprints? I won’t ask you to sing for more than twenty minutes… But I made urge to to keep that voice warmed up and flexible.

    • alberta says:

      7 shawls now that sounds cosier and much better for sagging flesh:) I always mean to do twitter sprints but never seem to be around at the right time – will try again:)

      • Eden says:

        During WriMos, it’s a lot easier to do a Twitter sprint or two. They run more often. I’ll be hosting my sprints probably every 15 or 20 minutes so people can get up and stretch between them.

      • alberta says:

        I’ll try and get on one or two – nice to have company:)

  2. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    If you do come up with a [respectable] outfit based on the seven veils, please post a photo! :-) You made my Monday morning Alberta. It’s hot and cold here too as we move into winter, so I understand where you’re coming from.

    Keep powering ahead and conquer that computer.

    • alberta says:

      well now will have to thinking cap on – I remember watching a very slender Salome in an operatic version of the old story and she did a dance of seven veils ending up naked on the stage – if I had a figure like hers might be tempted:( isn’t the change over between seasonal clothes a pain:)

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