where is the discipline?


I am researching.  I love researching. Why? Because I am an ex traveler.  Succeeding in my childhood ambition to travel the world to explore diverse paths to venture beyond my horizons I spent 20 years doing so.  When family affairs drew me home I had, I thought, had my fill of wandering. Huh!

 I took myself off to University and discovered archives, musty books, eclectic journals.  New journeys through books. I was in 7th heaven:)

 Then the internet came within my grasp. Wonderful. I could set my sights ever higher over the horizon. There was no path I could not travel; no place I could not go.  ‘Twas a heady trip – who needs drugs. 

 But. But. Well there is always a downside isn’t there?  Discipline is needed.  I do not, have never, possessed discipline.  It is one land I have not visited. My mind does not look discipline in the eye and smile, rather it cringes away.

 Writing a book requires discipline of sorts.  I have acquired discipline of sorts:) I have written books. Publishing requires discipline of sorts. I have acquired discipline of sorts. I have published said books.  I say ‘of sorts’ because if I was truly disciplined I would write a list of subjects I NEED to know for writing of said books and research them ONLY THEM! Ticking them off the list as I acquire the relevant knowledge.

If I was truly disciplined.

I cannot resist the tiny tracks and paths along the way temptingly promising new delights, my mind is a glutton for the new, for the unknown.  I try, oh how I try to be disciplined, to hoard the ‘wasted’ hours, to enable me to write more, but after a few hours of this wandering I sit back, smiling, content with a head bursting full of irrelevant facts and ideas.

 They say old dogs cannot learn new tricks – can old ladies I wonder?


9 thoughts on “where is the discipline?

  1. […] because my intended walk in the park became a “shopping run”.  (Alberta Ross wrote a wonderful post on discipline last week.  I totally get where she’s coming […]

  2. Emily Witt says:

    I’m terrible at discipline! The only time I can sit and do what I’m supposed to is when I get to the writing bit and I can just pour the words out.

  3. Eden says:

    If discipline causes me to lose the chance to be surprised and delighted by the so many wonderful pieces and parts of the world and people and history and art and…

    Well, discipline is highly overrated in my opinion then. (Granted, I probably could use some myself, but… I totally understand what you are saying here. Can we learn new tricks? I don’t know. I’m not even sure I’d want to.)

    I feel your pain, Alberta. And your joy too.

    • alberta says:

      Hi Eden – not sure I want to either:) the main reason why I took to cyberspace was the ease in which I could overload the brain cells! I still need the books but now I have cake and a full stomach:)

      • Eden says:

        Cake and a full stomach… Yes, I can totally relate. And it’s good to know that not only am I not alone, but that I have your level of niftiness to look forward to.

  4. chemistken says:

    I don’t have much discipline either. But I have so much fun writing my story that I manage to keep going anyway.

    Glad you’re in the IWSG!

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