alberta’s surfing again:)


This old oldie is back surfing again.

I lost all Internet connections Sunday night, it was still missing Monday, so I set to and pulled out cables and such stuff ad infinitum, then replugged accordingly Tried three different servers Fire fox, Explorer and Chrome, but no, ‘twas all missing. I pulled out old computer – nah – tried small computer – nah! All gone.

Phoned my friendly computer man Tuesday, left a message – ditto Wednesday, finally got his dad who talked me through regaining cyberspace. Yay, re-connected Friday evening.

I get my Internet from these friendly fellows, who get it from wherever. They had changed all their customers to another platform (I had been told this would happen but, equally, was told I would not notice!) However for some reason my computer did not change me automatically.

I had another visit into the those shadowy background passage of my machine, I have occasionally seen sight of them before, where mysterious instructions appear and equally mysterious series of numbers must be entered. Like my car, I do not know what drives the machine, these infrequent and nerve wracking moments convince me I never will understand. I am just grateful for the friendly father and his new wife, in front of their roaring fire, are there to guide me.

I’m back.

I’m afraid Older Cat’s cancer is not operable; we are awaiting the specialist verdict on whether drugs are worthwhile – I have mixed feelings on this – Older Cat is not in pain or discomfort and it will stress her to have medicines in any form – I would have to be well convinced anything like that would be of great benefit. But maybe they will agree with me. Will see.

I have had my sisters cold all week, but very mildly (unusual for me- keep thinking the whole weight will spring out at me any moment) friend from forever/editor had a few days free and came up for a great gossipy three days – so not really missed Internet that much:)

Did I do anything?

Yes a fair amount of editing.

Some draft blogs written

Finished reading a couple of books

What I failed at obviously was networking – none in any shape or form and I have to offer apologies to those I should have visited in ROW80. I have caught up, I hope, on Triberr and Facebook – have restarted my twitter stream. Managed to join up on the workshop I should have started last Monday – although haven’t done the homework yet. Goodreads caught up.

So beginning this week just about there:)

This week I hope to do a little more of the same (editing, blogging, network, etc.) but I also have Cairn Rodrigues and her book The Last Prospector on The Red Carpet on Wednesday and Thursday.

As this week is a reading week I hope to read apart from my challenge books a couple of ebooks for review.

I do hope everyone is well and productive – all the best for this week:)

6 thoughts on “alberta’s surfing again:)

  1. Glad to hear that your Internet is back. I’m lucky to be married to a computer guy, so he tends to fix things quickly when they break. Downside, I haven’t learned how to do some of those things on my own, so when he’s not around and the Internet goes down, I’m helpless.

    I really hope your kitty is okay. It’s hard as our animals get older. Mine are in good health so far, but the dog is almost 15 and the oldest cat is nearly 12, so we have to keep our fingers crossed sometimes.

    Have a good week, Alberta!

    • alberta says:

      Oh I would like a computer person in my cupboard -I am hopeless if things go wrong:(

      Thanks for cat good wishes – been through it all before – never gets any easier – if only they lived longer – all the best with your pets- you never know they may go on to longer lives – we have had cats into the their 19th year and dogs 18th.

  2. Welcome back! While you might not have done so well on networking, at least you managed to spend the rest of the time well and knock over some words and books. Good to have you back.

    • alberta says:

      Yes apart from feeling guilty I wasn’t attending to my commitments (sponsor ROW and Triberr) I didn’t mind too much – kept me from temptation and gave me time to do other stuff:)

  3. Widdershins says:

    A candle on the altar for Old Cat.

    • alberta says:

      thank you:) she isn’t in any discomfort thankfully, have decided not to go down op/drug route – there’s stress and danger for her and not hope of more than 6 months, while she isn’t suffering I’d rather she had a stress free last few months – meddle not just because we can.

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