Ginger in the milk and chilli in the jam


Another round over and, really, where does the time hurry to? Spring is let loose – although the temperature plunge today would rather give lie to that – and April is almost visible around the corner. Hmmm – how have we all measured up I wonder? For myself looking back at my goals at the start of this round I have done better than I thought.

I wanted to finish The Children’s Tale and begin editing – well, I began editing only to find I needed to add some more writing, that’s okay – it’s part of what editing is about – so pretty well up to speed there.

Finish editing memoirs and find a title well, working title is, at the moment, Ginger in the Milk, Chilli in the Jam and editing is done (must send to ‘friend from forever/editor’ for her keen eye:) – think the chapters need moving around a bit. So yes not bad.

Blogging more – yes, I managed that reasonably well and fairly regularly, also have re-arranged my Triberr v blogs and joined a few more tribes so that blogging next round will be more effective.

Put some work into social networking and have improved Goodreads, Google + and Pinterest – Google + lags a little behind in my understanding but more comfortable with it.

A-Z blogs nearly finished. Post on what my theme is here.

Have had some guests on the Red Carpet and, what wasn’t in my goals, tried my hand at beta reading.

As far as my life goals have gone – I have managed to establish a reasonable good division of writing to reality!

Two months now of eating better – three meals a day now – bloods are on target and appetite is reluctantly returning, doctors and nurses pleased with me:) In exchange for feeding myself, I now have more energy and have managed a fair amount of time in the garden – mainly sawing down trees (small:) and pruning/weeding and can walk further. Still need a lot of rest, but I needed that before, so the exercise is a bonus.

Have designated Saturday and/or Sunday as craft days where I can get on with embroidery, art doll making, crazy patchwork etc and now my new delight art journaling.

I had already made my busier social weeks reading, rather than writing, weeks, so all in all I am much more relaxed and less stressed.

I hope everyone else had a good round and will be back next month ready to go again. enjoy the hols:)

3 thoughts on “Ginger in the milk and chilli in the jam

  1. alberta says:

    Thank you both for good wishes – must say it is amazing to feel more myself again – looking forward to the next round – look out world this old lady is on the move:)

  2. Widdershins says:

    So good to hear things are picking up for you … bring it on! :D

  3. morganmandel says:

    I’m so glad that things are looking up for you again, and you’re making headway with your goals!

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